11th Annual Scientific Meeting
of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy 



22 Apr | ASMMIRT 2016 BEGINS

Speakers take the time to read these briefing notes ahead of the conference, as they will be of great assistance in ensuring a satisfying presentation experience.

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The organising committee has confirmed guest speakers to complement the papers proffered by students from around the country.

Fred Lang

Fred Lang, After an 18 year career in an industry not known for its longevity, this middle age maestro of mirth and merriment has just about seen and done it all. From topic specific sportsman’s luncheons’ to poorly paid comedy clubs, from the tasteful tone of black tie society to the rough and tumble of troops on active duty, Fred has spoken and the crowds have laughed.

Egg Cup Training

On the medical imaging side, we are pleased to confirm that Egg Cup Training will be presenting a short version of one of their highly sought after workshops on the topic of Trauma X-ray Image Interpretation. The team from Egg Cup are all passionate, experienced radiographers with a special interest and clinical expertise in the field of emergency x-ray image interpretation. This dynamic team will be offering student delegates the chance to learn this valuable, patient centred skill. For more information about Egg Cup Training, visit 

Mary Job

For RT student delegates looking for inspiration to 'Rise and Shine', they need to look no further than Ms Mary Job. Mary is a Palliative Radiation Therapist at Radiation Oncology Mater Centre (ROMC). She has 30 years’ experience as a radiation therapist and is specialising in palliative radiation oncology which she has been actively involved in for 4 years. She is directly involved in the development of an Advanced Practice Palliative Radiation Therapist role at ROMC and has worked in the role since its inception. She has presented on this topic both nationally and internationally and is in the process of publishing the results of her current project.

Mark Middleton

Mark Middleton will also be joining our discussion panel at the Student Conference. Mark is a highly-regarded radiation therapist with 24 peer reviewed publications and has been an invited guest speaker both nationally and internationally. His expertise on electronic workflow and new technology in radiation therapy is internationally recognised. In 2007, he led the highly successful clinical commencement of ROQ Toowoomba and repeated the success in 2011 with ROQ Cairns and 2014 with ROQ Gold Coast. Currently he is also leading the development of ROQ Springfield, ROQ Greenslopes and ROQ Redlands. Additionally in early 2015 he welcome Radiation Oncology Institute (ROI) into the ROQ family.

He is an acknowledged expert in the area of ‘greenfield’ radiation therapy services offering consulting services to new centres both in Australia and abroad. In 2010, he led ROQ to a Business Excellence Award from the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and in 2014 a place on the BRW Top 25 Best Places to Work in Australia and Top 25 Best Places to Work in Asia. He has a Master of Business Administration from Deakin University and is a Fellow of both the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Institute of Radiography. In late 2014 Mark also became a Director of Icon Cancer Care.

Beth Taylor

Beth Taylor, Radiation Therapist - Education, Radiation Oncology Mater Centre will also be joining the discussion panel. Beth is the Senior Clinical Educator at the Radiation Oncology Mater Centre (ROMC) and is passionate about helping new therapists improve their abilities to provide high level patient care. She is currently completing a Masters in Public Health, majoring in Health Management. Beth has attended and presented at national and international conferences, has worked across two Australian states and has recently held the specialist Paediatric Position at ROMC following the opening of the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

Belinda Godwin

Belinda Godwin, Senior Radiographer, Princess Alexandra Hospital will also be joining the discussion panel. With 24 years experience, Belinda has worked in Xray, CT,DSA, and PACS, with the past ten years being concentrated on MRI. She has completed two graduate Diplomas, one for Advanced Medical Imaging in 1995 and the other in MRI in 2010. Belinda has attended and presented at national and international conferences, and aside from working in Queensland Health for 20 years, Belinda also has worked in Private Practice and internationally in New Zealand.  Currently Belinda works predominantly in MRI, with her mains interests being MRI Breast and Prostate.

Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins current role is the Assistant Director of Radiation Oncology at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Michael has over 30 years’ experience as a Radiation Therapist, he has seen enormous technological advances in the field of Radiation Oncology. Through his previous roles as Senior Planning Consultant and Radiation Oncology Information System’s Manager, he has played a pivotal role in the clinical implementation of several major services, improving outcomes for Queensland patients. Michael is part of the team establishing Gamma Knife® technology at the PA hospital. Gamma Knife® surgery is a well-established method to treat selected targets in the brain; but it is not a knife. Instead, highly focused beams of radiation are directed to the treatment area in the brain. Michael’s talk today will outline the work required to implement the technology as well as an insight into the types of lesions that have been treated to date.

Kathryn Whiteman

Kathryn Whiteman graduated from the University of Hertforshire in 2004. Since then she has worked across a number of large tertiary hospitals in the UK and Australia gaining experience in CT, Interventional  & cardiac radiography as well as mammography . Kathryn is currently working as a Senior Radiographer at The Prince Charles Hospital. She recently completed a Masters with CT specialisation and as such work predominantly in the CT department. Prior to this Kathryn worked at the University of Queensland, Veterinary Medical Centre as the Veterinary Radiographer. There she provided a vast range of imaging services whilst teaching and lecturing Veterinary students all aspects of Radiography. 

Lisa Wetering

Lisa Weterings is a radiographer and assistant clinical educator at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne (SVHM).  She has helped to develop a friendly and efficient culture, and train and mentor students and junior staff.  In the first five years of her career Lisa has contributed to many aspects of SVHM’s education program, and is familiar with the issues and professional concerns of young medical imaging staff.  Lisa has presented at the Combined Scientific Meeting in Melbourne (2014) and the NZMIRT-AIR combined scientific meeting in Wellington (2015), including a presentation on creating a student-friendly department.  She graduated from RMIT in 2009, where she now helps facilitate the practical laboratory sessions for second year students.

In addition, Dean Vuksanovic will be another of our RT speakers. Dean is a clinical psychologist at the Cancer and Blood Disorders, Gold Coast University Hospital. He has a strong research interest and commitment to improving psychosocial outcomes across the wide-ranging spectrum of cancer patient experiences. As part of his PhD at Griffith University, he is also running a Randomised Control Trial of Dignity Therapy and Life Review in patients with advanced cancer at the Gold Coast University Hospital.




An Early Careers Forum will also be held on Saturday 23 April - click here to read more about our planned speakers.



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