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Abstract submissions are now closed

Thanks to all those who have submitted abstracts for ASMIRT 2023. There is still an opportunity to be involved in the conference by submitting an abstract for a poster presentation.

The Conference theme presents an incredible opportunity to showcase how we have embraced change historically, and how we continue to do so for the ongoing improvement of our professions and the care that our patients receive.

For medical radiation science students, an important element of our 2023 Conference is the integration of the ASMIRT Student Conference with the National Conference. This will see presentations from students alongside practitioners, making for dynamic and varied sessions, while providing a valuable experience of presenting to the larger MRS industry. Our future industry leaders, will be able to attend workshops, presentations and social events, networking with those in their respective fields of interest. We encourage you to share your learnings, research and insights, with a tutor or lecturer from your University assisting you along the way from abstract submission through to presentation. Presenting at ASMIRT 2023 is an excellent way to demonstrate your capabilities to a prospective employer, to develop your skills in this area and to make contacts for future research projects and more. Talk to your university or contact us to find out more about how you can submit an abstract and have the opportunity to present at ASMIRT 2023.

ASMIRT 2023 Organising Committee
Abstracts are sought for additional Poster presentations at ASMIRT 2023.

The closing date for abstracts is Tuesday 28 February 2023. If successful, authors will need to register to attend ASMIRT 2023 and upload the final poster by Monday 27 March 2023 to allow ASMIRT time for checking and printing the final A0 poster.

If you would like to submit an abstract and will be able to meet the above deadlines, please submit your abstract via the button above. Submitting authors will be notified in the first week of March 2023 of their acceptance to present at the conference.

1. All abstracts are reviewed using the Abstract Marking Rubric.
2. By submitting an abstract for the ASMIRT 2023 conference you need to comply with the Abstract Terms and Conditions.
3. Unsure who should be included as an author on your abstract? Please follow this link for clarification: Defining the role of authors and contributors

If you need to withdraw your abstract, a written statement reflecting the reasons for this decision must be sent to

Needing assistance in submitting your abstract?
Watch our useful video, created by the ASMIRT Research Committee
Scientific / non-scientific abstracts

When submitting your abstract, you will be asked to indicate whether it is a scientific (Original research) or non-scientific abstract (Case study, literature review, clinical audit etc). 

For Scientific Abstracts: The abstract must be structured under the following headings: Objectives, Methods, Results, Discussion/Conclusion and References.

For Non-Scientific Abstracts: The abstract should describe a situation, a problem or a practice with adequate reasoning and evidence to support a point of view. For commentary, it is not necessary to provide headings. Case studies must be structured under the following headings: Introduction, Case Presentation, Management and Outcome, and Discussion.


The theme of the 2023 Conference is Champions of Change: Honouring the past, Embracing the present, Shaping the future. This honours those who pioneered our professions; acknowledges how we, as medical radiation science professionals, continually adapt to embrace the present; and emphasises how we work collaboratively to shape our professions into the future. We are looking for you, our champions, to submit abstracts that resonate with our Conference theme. 

Opportunities abound for those interested in showcasing their research, work and ideas with session themes that cover the breadth of Medical Radiation Science topics and those relevant to health professionals. This includes topics specific to Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging and to the profession as a whole, with topics such as Management, Education, Workplace Culture, Indigenous Health and Patient Care to name a few.


ASMIRT 2023 will offer poster authors the opportunity to display their physical posters with a new design concept which also works in the virtual portal, allowing attendees to easily identify the content and outcomes of the work and efficiently deliver learning outcomes. Posters will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall at the conference, and through the online portal. Poster authors are encouraged to discuss their posters with attendees both face to face and online.

Authors will also be able to submit links to additional research materials, videos, graphs, data etc which will be available for viewing via the QR code on the poster.

Poster Guidelines
ASMIRT 2023 Poster Example
ASMIRT 2023 Poster Template (download ppt)ASMIRT 2023 Poster - further information template
ASMIRT Cairns 2022 presenter

Why submit an abstract?

Build your skills, network and share your expertise with an engaged audience at ASMIRT 2023, both in person and online.

Showcase how you are a champion in your field to a wider audience:
• Honour the past by sharing historical data, trends, knowledge and learnings
• Embrace the present by networking, collaborating and reconnecting with your peers and others in the profession
• Shape the future by sharing the latest research and workplace protocols, professional standards and ongoing improvement of practice across our professions.

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