We’ve released the ASMIRT 2022 COVID COMPLIANCE

All attendees at ASMIRT 2022 are required to be vaccinated. Please show your proof of vaccination upon arrival at the venue. You will only be required to show this once, and your name tag will used as proof of vaccination after entry.

All attendees must scan into the event using the ASMIRT 2022 Registration Check-in QR Code. Attendees must scan in each day they attend. If you do not have a smart phone, please go to the registration desk and the staff will sign you in.

Temperature testing will be conducted on your arrival at the venue every time. If the temperature reading is over 37.5 degrees, you will be asked to go into an air-conditioned room for five (5) minutes, and your temperature will be retested. If it remains too high, you will be asked to leave the venue and do a RAT test. If this comes back negative you can come back in the venue, but we encourage you to wear a mask.

All ASMIRT 2022 attendees are expected to sanitise / wash their hands regularly throughout the event. Sanitiser will be available throughout the venue, at registration, and in the exhibition hall.

Download a full copy of our ASMIRT 2022 COVID Compliance.