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We are Cyclomedica – bringing light into Molecular Imaging since 1986. We have paved the way with Molecular Imaging solutions in Australia and around the globe. From innovation, development to clinical practice applications – we are the world leaders in functional lung ventilation imaging with our proprietary technology: Technegas®.

Created and manufactured in Australia our flagship product Technegas® has revolutionised diagnostic lung imaging and today transform the lives of millions of patients in more than 64 countries around the world.

A new era in Nuclear Pulmonology continues to unlock as new innovations come to light. Technegas® currently has a wide cross-section of clinical applications and several potential new Beyond PE indications for functional lung imaging. The exciting thing about our solution is our ongoing commitment to research, clinical trials, development, and innovation.

We are cultivating business partners globally to deliver cutting edge products in Molecular Imaging, PET and Theranostics. In Molecular Imaging, we offer the ability to take your project from conception to completion, validations to lifetime product support with our business partners TEMA and Lucerno Dynamics. As Molecular Imaging evolves, we are committed to find the right solutions for your needs.

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