NRRTW 2023

6 November – 12 November 2023

National Radiographers and Radiation Therapists’ Week (NRRTW) is about celebrating you and your vital role in health care. For 2023, our theme is ‘Medical Radiation Practitioners-Focused on Person Centred Care’. The topic of Person Centred Care (PCC) provides us with a unique opportunity to showcase not only technical skills but the collaboration in care with our patients.


Celebration packs are now available to order. Mark NRRTW and its lead up by proudly displaying the 2023 merchandise and opening a conversation with your patients. The free packs contain several types of posters, name stickers, calendars, balloons, and infographics. The packs have everything you need to tell the world about radiography, radiation therapy, sonography, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, mammography and World Radiography Day.

Orders are open until 20 October.

ASMIRT President Carolyn Heyes


National Radiographer and Radiation Therapists’ Week (NRRTW) celebrates medical radiation professionals from Monday 6 November to Sunday 12 November. Now in its fifteenth year, this week is an opportunity to celebrate and promote our professions by showcasing the important work we do.

World Radiography Day (WRD) marks the anniversary of the discovery of the X-ray by German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895. Encompassing WRD during NRRTW signifies the significance of the X-ray in diagnosing, monitoring, and the treatment of medical conditions.

The 2023 theme for ASMIRT’s NRRTW is Focused on Person Centred Care. Encompassing both patients and practitioners, PCC has been a reoccurring theme amongst our members and the Society for some time. For those of you that joined us at our annual conference, you may recall Dr Ben Bravery’s moving keynote reflecting on his experience as a cancer patient. While reciting the challenging process of getting diagnosed and treated, Ben reminded us “your normal is your patient’s abnormal”. ASMIRT have also dedicated several events to highlighting how we can care for, and communicate with, diverse communities by considering cultural sensitivities, neurodivergence and the queer experience. Perhaps most notably, NRRTW is a chance to reflect on our own wellbeing as medical radiation professionals. It is paramount we care for ourselves to be able to deliver quality care for our patients.

NRRTW places a spotlight on the invaluable service we perform in the allied health sector. We are all ambassadors for our profession – embrace the occasion! Recognise the person centred care currently being enacted in your hospital/clinic and department and consider how this can be expanded upon. Check in with colleagues and peers and share useful tools for creating a caring environment and caring for oneself.

During the week, we encourage you to use the free resources provided by ASMIRT. You can choose from a range of materials, including educational posters, information flyers, multipurpose stickers, and a range of digital artworks for you to use on your websites, across your eDMs, and social media. We encourage you to tag @asmirtorg in your posts to help spread the word about the significance of medical radiation professionals.

I look forward to seeing your photos, posts and reading your stories during #NRRTW.

Carolyn Heyes

ASMIRT President

Save The Date

6 November – 12 November 2023

World Radiography Day – Wednesday 8 November 2023



We invite you to post images of your NRRTW celebration, your decorated rooms, and whatever else you come up with.

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